New crop of pecans in for sale!!! From this year! Come and get em!!

Feed Shipment Day!

So today is Tuesday! We are expecting our delivery again today and our warehouse is looking pretty slim so it’s a good day for it! Come on in and grab your feed today! These pictures are from last week’s delivery!

Senior horse feed along with general maintenance feed & hay.
Dog food brands: Sportmix, Diamond, Taste of the Wild, Valu-Pak, and more!
Chicken feed in various brands and options.

Introducing: Farm Hounds Dog Treats

Here at Buddy’s our best friends have fur. We cannot be more proud to offer such a high quality treat for your best friends. All of our products are hand picked and are selected with the best quality and affordability in mind. With limited ingredients and farm fresh meat used Farm Hounds was a no brainer! We’ll let your pooch speak for us on the quality with our sample packs for purchase you can try before you buy. Supporting other small businesses is part of our mission as well as quality and this product does just that. This is a small introduction from their website. Come on in and get yours today!

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Farm Fresh Eggs

With being a farm owner myself, I understand the struggles of finding quality feed for my animals as well as for my family. With owning over 20 chickens myself and seeming to always have an abundance of eggs, we carry range free eggs. No steroids or harmful chemicals used to feed these ladies. We’re working to network with other local farmers to have a constant supply in but as of now the supply is available on demand. Let me know if you’d like any! I also have a variety of other eggs available from different breeds which are just as tasty and some prefer for certain baked goods.